Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What did Petey do?

We are watching Petey through the door (the door with dog nose goop on it so it looks blurry). Petey is howling at something in a bowl. He has been howling for 15 minutes. What could it be?

We move outside so we can figure this out.

Peeeeteeeey, what did you do?

He had trapped a salamander in the bowl. Mom took it out.
Run away, slimey little lizard!
It was stunned for a minute then it disappeared in a flash under the deck.

12 sniff-Arooos:

Lacy said...

w00f's river and all, heehee did he play wiff wooda had to play wiff it b4 they let it go hide...

b safe,

Tatum Tot said...

Oh my I would howl at that slimy thing too! I barked and barked at a weird guy on another house's roof tonight, What was he doing up there?!

Charlie Daniels said...

You were only keeping in company weren't you Peter?



Anonymous said...

Hi River...Reeeverrrr!

Your clock is upppp!:)Come over to see the post n the clock!

Let the salamander be. Ever since I've decided to adopt Ms. Tenacity as my pet, I've begun developing a soft little corner for lizard-like creatures:)

Licks and Wags,

Booker the Treeing Walker said...

The hunt is on! Boy would Petey have FUN FUN FUN down here!

snoutbeagle said...

Hi River,

Tell your mom that Petey is giving her the "seal beagle" look when you all are asking him what he did. I, too, look like a seal beagle at times!

love and wags,

River said...

Seal beagle! That's funny!


Samantha said...

haha we are always getting our dog nose goop on windows! :-)

Well done Petey for catching it but not attacking it!. :-)

Holly & Zac

Simcha said...

I'm glad you didn't slay the dragon! I love that look of guilt.


Mango said...

That doesn't look like it would taste too good.


Stanislaw said...

Lizards, salamanders and frogs are good for feasting!! All things that move are good for feasting! Did you take a taste? It looks delish!

Franklin Puggle said...

Ah River what a funny story...! Thanks for sharing that.
Im glad Petey didnt eat the poor little lizard. I bet he had the shockof his life!!
puppy luv