Thursday, September 15, 2011

10 things you don't know about my mom

My mom's friend, Cheryel Hutton, a great horror and romantic suspense writer, tagged me to write 10 things people don't know about my mom. Ha, my mom sez, not too many details

  1. My mom's latest favorite movie is LEMONADE MOUTH. You can see it on Netflix.
  2. My mom's favorite food is NY strip. (mine, too, yuh-um!)
  3. My mom loves me more than anything on the planet and universe...okay, maybe everybody already knows that so I'll add an extra thing on the end.
  4. My mom has a broken nose from a rock fight as a little kid.
  5. My mom's uh 'bird' finger on her right hand was broken in a softball game...when she was a little kid.
  6. My mom fell at work and her shoulder muscles pulled a chip off the bone. Can you say workman's comp? No matter. She says it hurts less everyday and work did pay for her care. Hmm, I don't I sniffing a pattern here??? Like Fight Club kinda pattern???
  7. My mom loves cold, snowy wintry days. We can cuddle by our fireplace.
  8. My mom says she loves RED as her favorite color. I don't know. Everything is pretty much black & white to me.
  9. My mom had carpal tunnel (?) surgery which she says didn't help her hand and hurt like hay-ell.
  10. My mom wants a big ole honkin truck for her one knows that but they do now!
  11. and finally:
  12. My mom intends to be a rich writer. Hah! Who knew??

We would like to tag a couple friends if they would like to do this: Khyra, Pedro, Daisy, and Beaglebratz.
Thanks for reading! My mom sez I haven't embarrassed her too bad!