Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday fun

Here is Rosie. She is a beagle mix and is heartworm positive so we'll have her visiting for a long time--it takes 3 months for the treatment. She is a gentle, quiet girl. We play together a lot.

Oops. Rosie thinks the computer desk smells real good, good enough to take a bite. No, Rosie, no!

Here are the puppies. On the left is Gayle and the girl on the right is Oprah. They are really good girls, smart and lively. I, myself, do not care for puppies so I don't bother with them but my mom thinks they are fun.

Look at those girls run and play with Rosie.

Very windy here. We had tornadoes last night.

Gayle wants to bite your face.

This is me talking to Davoo. I don't like him much but we all have to get along.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday at home

We appreciate all the kind words from our friends. It helps so much with the terrible pain of losing such a sweet little boy. I am helping my mom, too. Today I stayed outside with her in the yard and the warm sunshine.
Here I am in the yard in my favorite place--the Dead Tredmill--keeping an eye on her.
Back inside the house, I decided to make her laugh with my Neck Gymnastics.

It worked! She laughed!! Especially this picture where I'm nose to nose with Mousse and she knows I don't like him!

Here are Belle and Bailey sleeping in what my mom called the Lima Bean position. They are two of the very old dogs we have here.

We are getting some puppies and a pretty girl named Rosie to foster. Pictures next time.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


River's mom here. This is my beautiful Hootie, only 13 pounds but so much personality. He never met a stranger and everyone remembered him even after meeting all my dogs.

He was little but he was LOUD. Before I ever saw him I heard his howl at the vet's. Hootie was there because he was a stray hit by a car and my vet was taking care of him. I heard that loud, two-tone howl and said I had to have him. The vet said I couldn't have him unless I named him Hootie--it was something Gomer Pyle said on the TV show--hootie hoo! To me he was HootBoot all his life. He stopped howling a month ago and I knew it would be soon I would lose him.
This is Hootie with Sammi on the left and Splicer. All are gone to the Bridge now. It does not get easier to lose them but I know they are waiting for me. Run free and happy, my baby boy, and howl once again.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good and bad news

My mom has been away at a writer's retreat in the mountains. The good news--which is really terrific news--is that a New York Times bestselling author asked (and my mom says to repeat 'asked') to write the blurb for her next book. How cool is that? Now she needs to write it. It will be a funny book because we need cheering up.

We found out last night that our little old Hootie has bone cancer. He is very weak but not in pain. He still enjoys eating but it wears him out. My mom is thinking of letting him go the Bridge on Saturday--that way she can have him to hug for most of one more day.

We will try to visit everyone this week. And we have a box from Mango that we will open. Something to look forward to!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pupdates Pupdates

Daisy has been adopted!! She has gone to a home in northeast US. They wanted her even before all her operations were done so they could nurture her themselves. Aren't they wonderful?? We are so happy!

Meanwhile Clint has healed from his first surgery and is ready for surgery on his other hip! We need to raise $4500. His water treadmill therapy alone costs the rescue $125 a week. He is such a friendly dog and loved by everyone who meets him. He would have been a great dog for President Obama's family but they chose a Portuguese water dog rather than the labradoodle. My mom is working on his blog today.