Thursday, February 2, 2012

Angel Bitey 1999-2012

River's mom: I had to let Bitey go today. We had a wonderful time in the sun with me holding him close. This one hurt a lot.

This is my favorite picture of Bitey. It's grainy and dark but such a great reflection of his personality. He was a mellow alpha dog. No overt bully behavior just one side glance from him and every doggie would know who was boss.

He came into the world with his brother Beau on Labor Day 1999. From the beginning he was an alpha puppy. He would bite a lot. I thought, I could name him Mighty Bitey--then I thought, no, can't name a dog that. But it stuck. He was mostly Bitey but he also  Biteboy and Bitebite.

Here he is at 6 months running like crazy. I love those flying beagle ears.

He would jump up on any horizontal surface--a flying leaper. His brother Beau used to walk the railing and give me heart cramps. No other beagle before or since has done these things like these two brothers.

Keeping the computer seat warm for me.

Always up on something, with his mouth open with a happy smile just like his brother.

My most vivid memory of Bitey:

One day leaving for work I hesitated at the door and Bitey flew out and down the driveway.

We live at the end of a dead end so I wasn't afraid he would get run over. We live in the country so I was afraid he would get SHOT.

I took off after him in my heels (low heels). The woods around my house are dense and I knew that probably my voice wouldn't carry very far. Nevertheless, I called and called and slogged through the underbrush and mud. After about a half an hour I heard Bitey howling. So I called. He howled. He was afraid. That initial rush of flying freedom was fun at first but now he was scared. He realized he was not in any familiar place. We kept calling until we found each other. I picked him up and carried him home, holding him close. I never wanted to hear that howl of fear again...and it never happened again.

His last day, sleeping in an awkward way in the sun.


Run and leap with the wind, Biteboy. Say hello to our beautiful Beau.