Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh, no! Not Cocoa

We can't believe that he is gone. Cocoa. Too young, too soon. My mom is crying for him. We loved reading about him and his brother Barley. It's just not fair!

Fly free, Cocoa.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's been a while!

When my mom goes on vacation she really goes. Then she needs a vacation from the vacation...

Over Memorial weekend we were left all by ourselves to celebrate the holiday--except for our favorite petsitter who came visit us and play with us.

Meanwhile my mom went north to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She had a collie puppy named Gilroy with her from a shelter in Ga going to Castaway Critters in Pa. Here is Gilroy. He stayed with us for a week. Everybody really liked him. And he is already adopted!.

She packed him up and took him with her. Not fair! Except I hate to travel... Anyway my mom left at noon and at 2pm she picked up 2 beagles in Knoxville. They were traveling to NJ to SOS Beagles.

On the road thru the Va. mountains:

My mom stopped in Staunton, Va at a dog friendly hotel she found through great site if you like to travel. She said all the doggies were very good and slept well. Here are the beagles in the hotel. This is Clover. She had to sleep smashed up against my mom the way I like to.

This is Stitch. He had a whole bed to himself.

Here is Stitch making his bed. He is a funny boy.

Then my mom went on the the Jersey shore for a beaglefest! She only had a few pictures from that. Then she walked on the beach.

She came home on Sunday and found out our pitbull baby foster had been adopted! Hurray!

Here I am with pictures from my mom's new camera (she admits she dropped her old phone in some dishwater, not on purpose!):

I'm giving her the eye because I'm tired of pictures and want some kisses!