Sunday, April 25, 2010


We had a very cold snowy winter. For a while, a very hot spring. Yesterday we had wind and rain and tornadoes. My mom swears she heard a 'train' in the distance which might have been the tornado that touched down near here. But we are safe today and the electricity only went off once and came right back on.

It's windy and sunny today. Of course, you notice the grass grew 6" OVERNIGHT and my mom's mower is in the shop. It's jungle back here now.

See how windy it is. The windchimes are going crazy. I can really feel the wind in my fur.

Our new foster baby.

Here is our new pit baby playing with Felix. My mom was going to call her Blossom but that didn't fit. She's wild and crazy and so very sweet. I think her name is Kacy now. Everyone here loves her--I mean all the beagles. It's the first time somedog (and Davoo you know who you are) hasn't tried to nip the new doggie. She wiggles so much my mom can't hold on to her.

This is Felix's adoption video. And guess what?!! He is going north next week!! That will leave us with only one foster dog for now. We will work on a video for her.

Meanwhile, we're snoozing on the deck. This is Baby and Petey.
And enjoying the sun in the tall grass.

Somemom needs to mow this grass...just sayin'.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Joyous News!!

Dot the coonhound has a home!!

Harley the pretty boy cattle dog mix has a home!!

Dolly the dachshund mix has a home!!

They have lived with us for almost 6 months and all of a sudden everybody has a furever home! We still have Felix, Dolly's brother. He is a shy boy but will be a great doggie for some family.

Look at these beautiful pit babies--the picture doesn't show the Hershey bar chocolate color they are. So pretty! My mom helped with their transport today. They are Toby and Sadie going to a rescue up north and eventually a furever family!

Here is a nice Saturday stroll in our backyard. It is a great sunny weekend for Easter. My mom has 3 days to spend with us and our fosters who will leave next week. I hope everyone has a nice holiday.