Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day weekend

Hooray! My mom is home for 3 days and the weather is finally so nice we're all hanging around outside in the yard. Meanwhile my mom is cleaning with all the windows and doors open. I guess you could call it Fall Cleaning.

We are doing better since losing Perry but there is a hole in our hearts from his loss. He was a unique part of our pack.

Also meanwhile we have FIVE fosters--three of them beagles:

This is Brie. She is small, like 15 lbs and came with a terrible case of mange. She is getting all sorts of medicine. Very sweet and cuddly with a high pitched shriek when she wants to be picked up.

This is Mickey. Oh, Mickey you're so fine... He is extremely shy. It's taken weeks for my mom to get him to come to her hand. He wants to so badly. He wiggles and wags but still is afraid. Don't worry, my mom will have him eating out of her hand! bol

This is Armondo or Mondo as he likes to be called. He is a super duper lover boy and a pretty beagle, my mom says.

We can't believe someone would throw this beautiful hound away! Boy, will some family be lucky to have him!

Then we have the non-beagles:
 This is Kip, maybe a cattledog mix. He and his sister, Cricket, were found running loose. The rescuers think the other puppies were hit by cars but we got these two.
This is Cricket. They are both hiding on the floor of the Honda. Both are very, very shy but getting better living with our pack.

Bella and Barry beagles gave us this award! It's beautiful! Thank you so much.
Here are the rules for this reward:

1. Thank the blogger that gave you the reward.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass the award onto 15 bloggers that you have recently discovered and think are fantastic!

4. Contact the bloggers you sent the award to, and let them know about the award.

We have thanked our friends. Thank you! 7 things about me, hm.

1. I still have a bump on my bone from the break I suffered several years ago before my mom got me

2. I am a very quiet beagle now. I used to run constantly but the couch is my friend now.

3. I'm not fond of all these puppies that keep coming through our house. I make sure they don't hurt my mom.

4. I am a rough coat beagle with longer wavy hair.

5. My birthday is Nov. 11. That is my gotcha day so my mom decided it was my birthday too.

6. I am in love with Georgia but she is one crazy b*t*h

7. I sleep under the covers all night at my mom's feet.

My mom would like to give this award to all our friends. Everyone deserves this beautiful award.

Here I am in the sun. The grass is back. I like to sit and bake and contemplate nothing. It's a good life.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

RIP Perry 1993-2010

River has kindly allowed me to post about Perry.

We lost Perry yesterday. He was 17.

Fifteen years ago I got a call from SOS Beagles about a dog that a man was threatening to shoot. His dog would not hunt--sounds like a joke but in the South that is a serious canine crime. Poor Perry. He was always a bit of a shrinking violet. I picked him up, intending to foster. I adopted him out once but it didn't work out. I didn't want him to suffer another big change like that so I kept him.

Last Wednesday he started throwing up and refused to eat--always a horror with hounds who dearly love food. He spent the next day at the vet's getting fluids and when I picked him up he was feeling so much better. But he went downhill again immediately.

Almost all of my beagles have died of kidney failure--beagles are so healthy in general but they are prone to cataracts, neck problems and kidney problems in old age. Sometimes it's been chronic, sometimes I have only days to say goodbye.

I kept him with me in the bed all Friday night then we sat out on the back deck in the sun Saturday morning. This is the way I like to say goodbye--to share our last moments together in the sun. And I am so grateful when I have a chance to do exactly that.

He will be remembered for his soft and staccato aroo!aroo!aroo! when he wanted attention or his dinner. A gentle and shy boy who will be greatly missed by his family.

Run free, sweet Perry Berry. One day we will meet again, thank goodness.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Long hot summer!

Will it never end?? This heat is terrible and it still promises to melt sneakers the rest of the week. Look at this dry yard. No mom needs to mow for a long time here.

Hi Everydoggie! We have been busy--my Mom was on vacation.

She went to visit her brother in Wisconsin and my cousins.
Shiloh who just turned one:
and Cesar who is now two:
My mom says they are very nice animals, extremely well-bred.

She visited the Biodomes:

One dome is a desert, one is tropical, one is a riverbank garden

Here's a picture of a river where my mom went to a German festival:

And look who we had come visit. This beautiful red dobie. He was such a total goofball that my mom called him Wall-EEE. And guess what??!! We found his family! He was picked up running back & forth across a highway where he would have died. He escaped their yard one day and they put up millions of color flyers for him. They gave the rescue a nice reward but the best part was finding his family.

Here I am in the hot, dry backyard.

Here is our old Miss Daisy. She will be 21 this October. My mom admits she is looking kinda ragged. The vet just diagnosed her with glaucoma and she is now blind. She gets eyedrops and tramadol. We didn't know that glaucoma can be like a migraine so we are keeping her painfree. There aren't many options for her, we are sad to say, and we are holding her close as long as we can.

Here I am inside. Whew! It's a little cooler. We can't wait for fall!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th everyone!!

Happy Independence day!!
We are very busy here. Very busy! And it's a good thing. My mom is finally getting started on renovating our whole house. It will take several people a year or more but the Big Room is the first. My mom will show before and after pictures when she has after pictures.

Sat. morning my mom got up at at the undogly hour of 5 AM to help transport a little coonhound girl named Lovergirl. Here she is:
She has some scars on her nose. Nobody knows what happened to her. Look at those big feet! She is going to be huge. She is going to a good home. 

We like what Khyra's mom does when she dedicates her transports in honor of someone. We dedicate this transport in honor of Annie who we lost last year--a little black and tan hound my mom had for 15 years.

This is a baby named Rosco that belongs to a friend of my mom's. She said Rosco is really sweet and gentle.

The lawn has been mowed at last--but it's so dry now it looks like a desert.

There are prickly weed stems so I have to be careful where I put down my paws. But we will have a BUSHHOG (sounds scary) come scrape up the land this fall and put down some nice soft Kentucky grass (I don't think there is such a thing as Georgia grass).  That will be one hardworking hog.

We have some new fosters coming in a couple weeks. My mom will make movies of them.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh, no! Not Cocoa

We can't believe that he is gone. Cocoa. Too young, too soon. My mom is crying for him. We loved reading about him and his brother Barley. It's just not fair!

Fly free, Cocoa.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's been a while!

When my mom goes on vacation she really goes. Then she needs a vacation from the vacation...

Over Memorial weekend we were left all by ourselves to celebrate the holiday--except for our favorite petsitter who came visit us and play with us.

Meanwhile my mom went north to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She had a collie puppy named Gilroy with her from a shelter in Ga going to Castaway Critters in Pa. Here is Gilroy. He stayed with us for a week. Everybody really liked him. And he is already adopted!.

She packed him up and took him with her. Not fair! Except I hate to travel... Anyway my mom left at noon and at 2pm she picked up 2 beagles in Knoxville. They were traveling to NJ to SOS Beagles.

On the road thru the Va. mountains:

My mom stopped in Staunton, Va at a dog friendly hotel she found through great site if you like to travel. She said all the doggies were very good and slept well. Here are the beagles in the hotel. This is Clover. She had to sleep smashed up against my mom the way I like to.

This is Stitch. He had a whole bed to himself.

Here is Stitch making his bed. He is a funny boy.

Then my mom went on the the Jersey shore for a beaglefest! She only had a few pictures from that. Then she walked on the beach.

She came home on Sunday and found out our pitbull baby foster had been adopted! Hurray!

Here I am with pictures from my mom's new camera (she admits she dropped her old phone in some dishwater, not on purpose!):

I'm giving her the eye because I'm tired of pictures and want some kisses!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunny & hot!

Isn't she a cutie? My mom named her KC for Kinda Cute or Kinda Crazy--she's a very wiggly beast. We are trying real hard to find her a furever family. She's about 4 months old.

Felix is still with us--there was a delay in his transport. He's leaving tomorrow morning (Thurs) for the North. BUT, my mom got a funny video of him on Mother's Day. Felix who loves to grab something, anything and run around and around and around in the yard--he, uh, grabbed an UNDERGARMENT. Now, this undergarment is only a little smaller than Felix so he had trouble with his usual fast run. Anyway, my mom thought it was funny...

He is a cool little dude and we will miss him.

It's now summer in Georgia, hot and steamy, but my mom got the AC fixed so we can stay cool. She still hasn't mowed the lawn even though the lawnmower works now....

We are sunbaking like Mango. Here's me & Petey.

Okay, I'm done. Time to go in...

Sunday, April 25, 2010


We had a very cold snowy winter. For a while, a very hot spring. Yesterday we had wind and rain and tornadoes. My mom swears she heard a 'train' in the distance which might have been the tornado that touched down near here. But we are safe today and the electricity only went off once and came right back on.

It's windy and sunny today. Of course, you notice the grass grew 6" OVERNIGHT and my mom's mower is in the shop. It's jungle back here now.

See how windy it is. The windchimes are going crazy. I can really feel the wind in my fur.

Our new foster baby.

Here is our new pit baby playing with Felix. My mom was going to call her Blossom but that didn't fit. She's wild and crazy and so very sweet. I think her name is Kacy now. Everyone here loves her--I mean all the beagles. It's the first time somedog (and Davoo you know who you are) hasn't tried to nip the new doggie. She wiggles so much my mom can't hold on to her.

This is Felix's adoption video. And guess what?!! He is going north next week!! That will leave us with only one foster dog for now. We will work on a video for her.

Meanwhile, we're snoozing on the deck. This is Baby and Petey.
And enjoying the sun in the tall grass.

Somemom needs to mow this grass...just sayin'.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Joyous News!!

Dot the coonhound has a home!!

Harley the pretty boy cattle dog mix has a home!!

Dolly the dachshund mix has a home!!

They have lived with us for almost 6 months and all of a sudden everybody has a furever home! We still have Felix, Dolly's brother. He is a shy boy but will be a great doggie for some family.

Look at these beautiful pit babies--the picture doesn't show the Hershey bar chocolate color they are. So pretty! My mom helped with their transport today. They are Toby and Sadie going to a rescue up north and eventually a furever family!

Here is a nice Saturday stroll in our backyard. It is a great sunny weekend for Easter. My mom has 3 days to spend with us and our fosters who will leave next week. I hope everyone has a nice holiday.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

200th post!!

Watching for Spring to arrive.

This is my 200th post in almost 2 years. I am meditating in the sun about all the friends I have made and friends I have lost in that time. It has been such a joy to know you all, and celebrate your lives. Sun and friendship--keeps me warm inside and out.