Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back at last!

My mom drove 1800 miles in 6 days and it wore her out for another week. We've been trying to read blogs but even that was hard. She won't leave me again until July.

My mom and her sister saw this guy in the parking lot and he posed for them. bol that is truly a weird human.

Look at all the beagles at the party in NJ! There were 9. What a fun beach beagle party.

What a yummy looking cake. The babies from the litter my mom fostered were 4 years old. But only humans got to eat the cake.

We have had several beeyootiful weekends. This weekend we have some puppies visiting until they go north to the rescue.

Mom, they're bugging me!

When will they go to their new homes?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't Go!!

Five years ago, LONG before I was even born, my mom fostered a beagle family. This poor beagle mama had been abandoned by her human family. They moved and left her!! The beagle mama went next door and cried on the porch for some help and the neighbors took her to their vet. Their vet knew of SOS Beagles. SOS Beagles asked my mom if she could take the family after the babies were born and she did (ha, like they even needed to ask).

She called the mama Sweet Pea. When the mama was adopted her new family called her Meadow. My mom picked one of the puppies for her friend in NJ (who had already adopted Twinkie--a beagle running loose on a local college campus)


This is baby Sweet Pea:

Big girl Sweet Pea:

My mom leaves tomorrow so I am sticking close to her, even closer than usual. We know what happens when the suitcases come out. First she is going to visit her family then she is going to a BEAGLEFEST. There she will see some of the Sweet Pea family! I know she is excited but I am NOT. We will have our favorite petsitter who comes and plays with us but I want my mom! Please don't go!!

She says she will send us pictures that our petsitter can show us. And when she gets back she will help me celebrate my first blogoversary! I hope she brings me lots of presents.

I know it will make her happy to see those beagles again...but I wish she wouldn't go...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's raining puppies!

PUPDATE: Martha Basset suggested we name the new puppy Honey in honor of Honey the golden retriever who went to the Bridge recently. She is now our new HONEY!!

Hi everyone! This is one weird tongue picture. We are watching Dogs 101 with the beagles on it.

Gayle and Oprah have gone to the vet's to be spayed. The vet thinks they are part Boston terrier. What do you all think? My mom votes for boxer mix.

Here is ANOTHER little girl. Would you believe my mom found her in a parking lot. This puppy just popped out from under a bush and walked on the blacktop to my mom! We don't know what she is. This is quite a puzzle. We haven't named her yet. If you have an idea for a name let us know!

Look at those eyes!! Can you believe how BLUE they are?? She is one feisty little girl. I keep away from her. At 5 lbs she's too much for me!

Here she is with that alien hand that plays with all the puppies here.

I'm looking at my mom here. She needs to get off the computer and smooch me now!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rain and rain and rain

Our backyard is a bog, almost a pond with the extreme rain we've been having. Too wet to mow so we're running around in a jungle.

Here is what was in the box! It was a bag of pumpkin treats and an award from Mango the Relentlessly Huge. My award for runner up in the alternate Westminster.

My mom apologizes--between health issues and equipment failure she hasn't been able to upload pictures.

This is where my mom went walking several weeks ago. It was a beautiful day by the river.
Then she visited where the Irish pub used to be. It's a Taco Mamcita's now. So sad. No pubs anymore to play in.
Can you see the nest? A mama bird built her nest under our porch roof. My mom tried to get a video of her feeding the babies but the mama bird stayed away when my mom was at the door. It's fun to listen to the babies screech. Sometimes we bark at them.

I hope everyone is having a good spring.