Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tragedy in DWB communlity

We were horrified to hear about the fire at the house of the Houston Pittie Pack. They lost 5 of their beautiful babies and their house. There is a Chip-In page for them to help in their recovery. The fund has reached its limit but that was set fairly low. Keep giving what you can. But the most important thing is to give moral support and many many prayers. Please let them know you are thinking of them.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Foster Failure--a New Daisy

Hard to mom has let dozens of baby beagles slip through her hands and be adopted, even babies that were born at our house. Here was  this little 14 lb. girl from South Carolina, one day away from euthanasia...nobody would take her because she had heartworms.

So along came the H.A.N.D. Foundation--Homeless Animals Needing Doctors. They said--the only thing keeping this beautiful little creature from being adopted is a LIGHT CASE of heartworms??? Here's the money to treat it! And they transported her to Tennessee to my mom who offered to foster.

My mom has not had a foster failure since...ME. 5 years. So an animal has to be really really special to stay forever here in this house of beagles.

Even though it means I'm no longer the baby beagle of the pack (everyone else is over 10 years old here) still, this new Daisy is a good girl. She's figured out how to curl up on the hollow of my mom's left shoulder (so my mom can still type around her) and not interfere at all with where I sleep by my mom (left arm of the big chair).

We lost our 22 year old Daisy in April 2011 and my mom said the house was JUST NOT RIGHT without a Daisy in it.

So, we have a new Daisy. She is a wild girl, runs shrieking out the back door to chase any possible bunnies that are dumb enough to come in a beagle yard. (they do, believe it or not but we've never caught one).

This makes my mom very happy so I'm okay with it.

Welcome, little miss New Daisy!