Saturday, January 31, 2009

Positive Vibes

Maddie the English setter

It was another transport Saturday. My mom drove to Gadsden, Al to pick up 2 English Setters and a beagle. She took pictures in the car because the setters were a little too wild outside the car. She handed them over to another driver in Chattanooga. All 3 were going to NJ & New England.

Harper (beagle) and Kathy (black & white setter)

Since the transport was so early (7am) she was able to get back in time to spend the whole day with us. I have some videos but blogger is not letting us upload them today. We will do that as soon as we blogger lets us!

I borrowed Rocky's candle because we are also praying for our friends. We are thinking of our friends who are in daily pain and some who have to have operations this week. We tried very hard to send out lots of positive vibes by enjoying ourselves and the warm sunny day.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

On the Road and working for the Snuggle Puggle

My mom apologizes. This is board meeting month and she just lost her last assistant so all energy is going to work to help keep us in our luxurious surroundings (hahaha, not).

On the road going toward Atlanta, Ga.

She did a transport this past weekend. This is old Tango. His owner had died and Tango ended up in the Knoxville shelter. The Florida dal rescue wanted him so he joined in on the transport.

He woofed and moaned the whole time. Poor old thing. He is 11 years old and very arthritic.At least he will spend his final years in loving comfort.

This is Snickers. He came from up north, going to his furever home in Valdosta, Ga. He kind of growled at Tango so my mom had to keep him in the front seat so Tango could stretch out in the back.

I worked hard this weekend. I helped Brinx play a little. My mom says PLEASE pay no attention to all the torn up toilet paper--it was right after he had sculpted the roll on the couch. It's loud so you might need to turn it down. We were watching The Duchess of Duke Street. I didn't understand it though. But Brinx had a good play session. And he didn't cough at all.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy News--pupdated a little

So many sad things have happened in the past couple months that I'm glad I have some happy things to talk about.

My friends, Posh and Sugar, are both going to be okay!! They found out Posh had eaten a ball of yarn (which was removed by an operation) and Sugar has a bacterial infection that will be very easy to cure. Happy news! Aroooo!

My friend, Poppy, of Airedale Heaven is feeling better. Happy news! Aroooo!

My friend, Buddy, had a tumor removed and it was benign! Fantastic news! Aroooo!

Look at this!! This is Brinx one of our foster dogs. He has a severe heartworm infection so he's being treated in slow stages. He had enough energy to sculpt a roll of toilet paper today!
Okay, maybe my mom isn't SO excited about his artistry but it's a good sign. A happy sign! Aroooo!

Pupdate because my mom forgot to tell me to include this yesterday--

To make you bark out loud and feel better--here is a site that cracks my mom up. She watches it over and over and over, esp. the Talking Doberman and The Evil Chihuahua:

This is my happy face. I am happy for my friends' good news. I am happy that I have a mom who loves me more than anything. I hope everyone has some happy news in their lives, too.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Working Tuesday

We're working this evening! We got one picture before the batteries died!

This is me curled up. Davoo is watching me with his demon eyes. We've been out running around in the cold snowless air. So I am now resting and snuggling.

There are some updates on our friend, Daisy who is just one year old and has gone through so much. Please visit and leave a message of encouragement. Of course, money is greatly welcomed but words of encouragement are invaluable.

Remember this button? My mom works with Paws for Courage--to help save animals in domestic abuse situations. They have a new way to raise money which we all might be able to help with--old cellphones! Here is the info:

Paws For Courage has partnered with Shelter Alliance to raise money through cell phone recycling. Up to $30 (or more) will be earned for each donated phone. Any members of PFC interested in participating inthe drive can click on the link below for more information on where to send cell phones and to request a free recycling kit. It does not cost you anything to participate in the cell phone drive.

Visit this website for more information Shelter Alliance We all have old cellphones these days. I think my mom has 4 all by herself! That would be, um, with 4 paws, 4 toes...fortyeleven! That's a lot. Thanks!

I need to sleep now. Good night!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Steak and Shake Sunday

Mom, we're really going to Steak and Shake, right? You're not giving me away again, are you?

Mom: No, we belong to each other from now until forever and besides I'm hungry!

Whew, okay then let's go eat!
On the road to the big city.

Oh, wow. So many choices. I can't believe the smells!

Okay, I'll have a double steakburger with cheese and bacon and ketchup and mustard and pickles, lots of pickles.

Hot dog!!

Er, I mean hot HAMBURGER!!
Wow, this is good stuff.

Going home again like Mom promised. See our mountain?

The day turned out to be quite fine, warm and sunny. Isn't the sky pretty today right above our house? The 5 snowflakes from yesterday didn't stick to the ground.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snow and ice

Well, look at that! It's cold enough to snow!

No coat and no booties. I'm running around in circles trying to keep warm.

My mom caught the approaching blizzard on camera.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sick friends, an award & working for the Snuggle Puggle

Please say some prayers for my beagle friends, Sugar and Posh. They are both very ill. We are working for you today!

I got an award from the Dughallmore Beagles and Stella. Isn't this beautiful?? I want to give it to my friends, Dozer and Daisy. Thanks for being my friends!

Here I am in my "Oh? What is that?" pose. I am outside enjoying our rare sunshine working for Eduardo today to help my sick friends. My mom is home (this is the day off she is taking for her birthday) so she goofs off while I'm working. Here is a movie of me at work:

Monday, January 12, 2009

I get a toy and Natalie update

Here is Natalie in her new home. Do you think she is looking for us to drop by?

She lives with a 10 year old girl beagle. Her new family just LOVES her. My mom knew they would. I knew they would, too. They are a lucky family.

Look at my new toy! It's longer than me. I can chew on one side.
Davoo can chew on the other.
I'm thinking about it now. Do I want to go get it again?

It means I would have to move off this chair.

Still thinking.

Naw, think I'll just stay right here.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birfday, Mom!!

My mom is exactly 8 years old today.

It's chilly and rainy.
Let's go inside, Mom. I have a present for you.

Are you ready?

Here it is.
A nice warm snuggle!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jus' too tired to blog....zzzz...working for the Snuggle Puggle