Monday, February 23, 2009

Working for the Snuggle Puggle

When we play, it's really noisy at our house. And my mom is playing with the camera color so we're all BROWN, even Dottie.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunny Sunday fun

Hi Evfurryone! It's been a busy week so we're playing on the weekend! First I had to chew on an itch.

And chew some more.
And a little more.

And chew on a back leg. No fleas just dry skin, my mom says.
Comfort licking.

Yum. She had a turkey sandwich for lunch. I can tell.

We sat in the sunny window.

Afternoon sun.

Late afternoon jumping around in the leaves.
I hope everyone had a good weekend!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

First runner up!!

I won First Runner Up in the Mango-minster competition!! That is awesome. Thank you judges. I believe that Waldo is a beautiful animal and totally deserved to win. What an honor to be among so many cool, funny and creative doggies.

No picture at this minute. My mom has been busy transporting doggies and finally getting us cable TV so she's kinda tired. We will return with pictures as soon as we can.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I won the Hound Group!

I won!
I won!
I can't believe it.
I won!
I won the Hound Group of the Mango-minster competition! Scroll through his blog and see all the beautiful and handsome competitors. Thank you for the great honor! Now, I need to go roll in some rabbit poop to celebrate!

I have been tagged by
Daisy and Dozer. I promise I will be better about doing them. I hope you all don't mind this post first.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Beam me up! More transporting

Another Saturday transport for my mom. This time it was 18 dogs going 800 miles using 37 volunteer drivers to transport them. It makes her feel good so I said it was okay with me. She promised to be back in time to enjoy the sun with us.

She carried three doggies in her Honda. This is Franny the bluetick beagle/doxie. She drooled a lot in the car but was a sweet dog.
My mom also drove Lovey-Dovey the black lab/newf and Clem the red heeler mix. All most excellent dogs according to my mom.

The other car took this girl (Shelly) and 3 others. Isn't she pretty? Her story is very sad though. She came into a shelter starving and pregnant. All her puppies died but one and she had no milk to give so the puppy was bottlefed. She was so good on the trip and such a sweet doggie that everyone fell in love with her. The puppy traveled in a shoebox with a towel.
Shelly looks angelic here. My mom can't believe she got such a good shot with her cheap camera. I think I would love playing with this girl.

Leaving the Scenic City heading west over a lake, over the mountains.

It was a pretty sunny day. Can you believe it was 70 degrees? Dottie and I are doing synchronized sniffing. We're pretty good, actually.

I'm glad my mom is home with us now. She is feeling much better and spent the rest of the day outside with us.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This isn't Skywatch Friday but my mom has been so crazy about the sunsets lately she took bunches of pictures. The camera doesn't show all the pretty colors but you can see some--sort of salmon and turquoise. I wonder if it smells like fish up close? The squiggle is bird poop on the car windshield.

We didn't get this up in time for working for the Snuggle Puggle but here I am enjoying Sunday doing what I love to do--which is walking along the cut up tree trunk and hanging out with the pack.

My mom says to say she is sorry. Due to budget cuts, she has lost all her help at work and is now doing the work of SIX people. Yes, she is glad she still has a job but it makes her so tired. I help all I can by keeping her warm. It's been down to 8 degrees at night here!