Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th everyone!!

Happy Independence day!!
We are very busy here. Very busy! And it's a good thing. My mom is finally getting started on renovating our whole house. It will take several people a year or more but the Big Room is the first. My mom will show before and after pictures when she has after pictures.

Sat. morning my mom got up at at the undogly hour of 5 AM to help transport a little coonhound girl named Lovergirl. Here she is:
She has some scars on her nose. Nobody knows what happened to her. Look at those big feet! She is going to be huge. She is going to a good home. 

We like what Khyra's mom does when she dedicates her transports in honor of someone. We dedicate this transport in honor of Annie who we lost last year--a little black and tan hound my mom had for 15 years.

This is a baby named Rosco that belongs to a friend of my mom's. She said Rosco is really sweet and gentle.

The lawn has been mowed at last--but it's so dry now it looks like a desert.

There are prickly weed stems so I have to be careful where I put down my paws. But we will have a BUSHHOG (sounds scary) come scrape up the land this fall and put down some nice soft Kentucky grass (I don't think there is such a thing as Georgia grass).  That will be one hardworking hog.

We have some new fosters coming in a couple weeks. My mom will make movies of them.

Have a great week everyone!