Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miss Daisy -- 1990-2011

She was just a baby running loose at a craft fair 2 decades ago. My mom caught her and drove her  home and sang "How much is that Daisy in the window?"  so Daisy would feel better and not be scared anymore.

She was always at my mom's left side and guarded the position with some mighty chomps on anyone who came near. She and Pongo were best buds for 15 years until Pongo died 2 years ago. Now they are both running and howling together again at the Bridge.
My mom and I will really miss her.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We're doing good!

Here I am looking at my mom as she is typing. Mousse is right behind me. He's always by my mom's side, too.

We think I look much better. The oncologist vet changed my medicine to 3x a week and added a stomach medicine called Cerenia. My appetite is good. My mom is still working on my diet. Stanislaw my beautiful shiny cocker friend suggested B-naturals site with some great recipes for home-cooked meals.

Uh, except my mom is no cook. Her mom is a terrific cook but my mom didn't inherit that gene. However, the diet is simple like hamburger, broccoli, squash and supplements;sometimes chicken and vegetables, sometimes salmon. My mom thinks she'll go on my diet except for her she means to lose weight. For me, it's to be grain free--for a while. This is a test to see if it will help defeat the cancer.

Look at this!! My mom is fostering a weimerainer (sp?) she is named Luna. That dog has RED eyes--not!
Nobody and we mean NOBODY suspected this dog was going to have puppies. She was skinny and we were plumping her up to have her spayed. But wow! PLOP!! PLOP!! Yesterday morning suddenly we had 2 beautiful grey brown babies, a boy and a girl.

We are so surprised we can't think of names yet. Luna is a crazy happy girl, very smart but we can't adopt her out now until the puppies are old enough. So we get to have her 2 more months. This is a happy thing.

My mom will soon have a book or two up on Amazon. I guess that makes THREE jobs but writing is what she loves after me.
Okay, Mom, I'm taking away the keyboard now. Time for some serious cuddling!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First re-check

I look drugged don't I?
I'm okay. My first checkup was very good. And no new lumps. This kind of cancer can come up very fast so we look everyday.

My only problem is a lot less energy. I am lethargic according to my mom. So my oncologist vet said to give the kinavet just on Mon., Wed., & Fri. That helped a lot. I was dancing round when my mom came home tonight.

My nose is shiny.

My eyes are bright--uh, well, they look glassy but the vet said 'bright'.

I am comfortable right now. We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers. Right now is good and we are happy with that.

Who knows about tomorrow? We will think about that another day.