Sunday, February 7, 2010


From now until Feb. 15th Simple Dogs will give $5 to Atlanta Beagle Rescue for every item you buy from them. It's a neat site--look and see if it might help your kind of dog, too!

We had a good week--only a little snow. My mom's mom lives in Virginia and they got 2 feet of snow! Two feet--that's like a human!

We really enjoyed
Mango Minster! Congratulations to all the winners so far.

We are sending good vibes to
Max, a beautiful boy who is not well and has not gotten good news. Today he is getting pictures with his family and reminds us all to make sure we have pictures of us with our families.

Our friend, Scarlet, got her new wheels! And it was thanks to all of us around the world. She looks very happy.

We are enjoying a quiet Sunday! Everyone is sleeping and snoring while my mom watches the Puppy Bowl. Hey, a beagle scored a touchdown!