Saturday, January 29, 2011

Humphrey update

Humphrey had his teeth cleaned, 5 pulled, and also 3 benign (but big) lumps off his back. You can see the stitches on his back in the pictures. He was throwing up at the vet's but has not done so at home. He has a good appetite and is resting comfortably in a cage with a fluffy blankie. The vet thinks he is actually 11 years or older.

Some pictures and video of Humphrey

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Still on the planet

We read as we can but my mom hasn't had enough energy to post except on FB once in a while. She says she is sorry but she has had pneumonia and bronchitis and flu and ear problems, plus we have no heat right now. Can't fix it till next week. Oh, we have a fireplace and little heaters plus it's always a ten dog night around here.

Please welcome our new boy, Humphrey. He is not a failed foster like me. My mom offered to take him knowing he was unadoptable (too old) and planned to keep him. He is the first since me--that's a good 3 years with no new dogs. Now fosters--we still have a few of those including Mondo, Mickey and now Lassie the beagle.

Here is Humphrey:

He is gentle and nice, sleeps on the bed. He even stands in the middle of the bed and barks for my mom to get in there and start sleeping. Except he starts like early afternoon. I like him and I don't like anybody much so he really is special. He has really bad teeth and is going for a cleaning on Friday. We have a sponsor who is going to help! Hurray!

We got a new car so my mom can start transporting again. It's a midnight blue pearl Honda civic. Sadly, we couldn't afford an Odyssey this time. Maybe next time.

Okay, my mom says she's exhausted and Humphrey is ready to go to bed lol So here's a picture of me to remember me by:

Bye for now. We really miss everyone.