Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My dal sissie, SUMMER

Summer is cool. She is 10 years old and lives with all us beagles. She loves to run and run and sometimes we chase her. Summer's favorite thing is to COUNTER SURF. She pulls things off the counter everyday for us. It's terrific when she gets the pan with some bacon grease off the stove--not when it's hot. She won't touch it if it's hot. None of us gets much because we all jump on it immediately. A beagle riot! Summer loves it.

She walks around wagging her white tail like a whip. It hits us beagles right at head height and we yelp when she passes. She doesn't notice. Nothing bothers her much. She loves our mom a lot and smiles just like I do. Somebody might think it was a snarl but it's really a dalmatian happy sign.

She was rescued from a backyard breeder along with her sissie BooBoo. Here are BooBoo on the left (a very small dal, not much bigger than Faith) and Summer on the right. BooBoo was adopted out to a nice home but my mom still misses her a lot.

Here is Summer as a baby. Wasn't she cute? She and my mom lived in a log cabin in the mountains then. She had racoons, possums and coyotes to watch out for. Life was pretty exciting for them.

4 sniff-Arooos:

Thor said...

Nice to meet you, River! I found you on DWB´s list and I wanted to say hello! I like your blog! Summer was a cute puppy and today looks beautiful! And I agree to you! Cheese is the best!


Thor said...

Thanks for signing my guestbook! I hope we can be friends!


Amber-Mae said...

Hey, Summer & BooBoo are gorgeous! Yeah, they both don't look any bigger but Faith is still smaller than Summer for sure coz she can't really counter surf. She's too short. They both have the same body as Faith too. Slim, long & streamline. Do they run like greyhounds do Coz Faith does & when you watch her run, it's really graceful. She's damn fast but she still can't outrun the little doggies! Nice to meet ya sista Summer!

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer

River said...

Yes, Summer runs like the wind. We beagles run and howl after her. At one time we had THREE dals but we lost Harley last year to old age. She was 15. My mom also misses her a lot.