Sunday, May 25, 2008


Hi! I'm River. I'm a crazy, silly 2 year old beagle. I live with lots of beagle siblings and a dalmatian sister.

I was rescued by a kind woman after a car hit me. I ended up in the emergency clinic called RIVER and that's how I got my name. My front leg was broken and they folded up newspapers and wrapped it up.

Meanwhile, the hospital called SOS Beagles. SOS Beagles called in a foster mom and I went home with her one day. It was rough because I was so scared. I didn't know how to behave. I growled at everybody. But it wasn't too long before all the love they were trying to show me actually helped me feel better. My foster mom loved me so much she didn't want to give me up. But she did because she thought it was best for me since she had so many beagles.

After my leg healed, I went on a long trip to a new home. My foster mom told SOS Beagles that if my first adoption didn't work out she absolutely wanted me back. Well, I must have heard that because it *really* didn't work out. I growled a lot so they moved me to another foster home to wait for a ride back to my first foster mom.

She worked hard;she called and called and sent emails and finally drove many miles to get me. I wagged my tail as soon as I saw her--it was just like I never left! And when I got to the house--I danced around wagging my tail. So happy!! I was back home. My foster mom was now my REAL mom. She cried she was so happy.

And I have been home for almost a year. Everyday my mom hugs and kisses me. She tells me I smile like Elvis, one side of my snout goes up and she thinks I'm about to say, "Thangyouverramuch". So I smile every time she says 'REEEEVER'.

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