Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby's Babies

My mom wrote this many years ago. It is a true story. It is the story of Baby (the mama) and her 3 little boys. We still have Baby with us.

We lost Bitey and Beau this year at age 12. Taz was adopted out so we don't know how he is. Baby really did have her babies on Labor Day 1999.


Baby had her babies on Labor Day night
Three pretty little boys with eyes shut tight
They were all so tiny, brown, black and white.
She looked at them and loved them at very first sight.

Two weeks they looked the same, with their wrinkled brown snouts,
Then a month went by and they grew and filled out.

One she named Beau, the biggest, brightest boy,
Who could leap off the back deck and chew up any toy.

One she named Taz, who kept them all awake
His whole body wiggled in the bed like a snake.

Mighty Bitey liked to bite, that's how he got his name
He would play and bite, and sit and bite, and jump and bite again.

Their mama taught them how to use the swinging doggy door
But warned them not to go alone or they would get what for!

But when they were two months old they ran out on their own.
They wrestled hard, and yipped and bit, but forgot to tell their Mom!
They forgot the time, and then got lost trying to get home.

The sun went down and it grew dark and they were very scared
They huddled together, lifted noses and howled for one who cared.

The other noises of the night, the eyes that stared at them were bright,
The boys lay down and whimpered, and cried, shivering in fright.

But Baby had been searching with her baby sniffing nose.
She tracked them to the nearby trees and they greeted with AHH-ROOOS!!

She scolded them for leaving her and led them from the wood.
They hung their heads and promised that they would be very good.

Until the next time…

Beau, Taz and Bitey 
I will see you all again one day, my sweet boys.