Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Humphrey's gift

Two weeks ago my mom was freaking out. Humphrey was going downhill with kidney failure but was not bad enough to help him to the Bridge, although we knew it would be soon. Last year her mom had decided to go to Alaska on a cruise this July to see whales as part of her bucket list. She wanted my mom to come along.

It was getting to be within days of that trip. My mom was due to leave on Friday the 13th.

Humphrey was eating well the Sunday before, ate some on Monday, then stopped eating on Tues. He would not eat Wednesday either and hardly moved from his big pillow (my mom squirted water in his mouth with a syringe, as much as she could). We took him to the vet one final time on Wednesday.

That sweet old squeaky boy made it easier for us to let him go before the trip. We did not want him to die while she was gone because she always plans to be with us at the end. But we did not want to send him along too soon just to be 'convenient'.

However, someone on the cancer dog list said "better a day too soon than a minute too late." So well said.

We thank you, Humphrey, very humbly, for your kind gift.

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Team Beaglebratz said...

From the mom - not everybody understands why anyone would consider being a day early instead of a minute late - I do and I know my sis and nephew do., A few years ago my sister had an elderly West Highland White Terrier named McKenzie., I don't remember how old McKenzie was when she died - probably 16 or 17 which is a really good age for a Westie. Anyway,m it was a Saturday and even my nephew told his mom it was time to let her go - she was barely getting around and not eating well. My sis said that if McKenzie lasted the weekend then they would take her to the vet on Monday - McKenzie didn't make the weekend. When my sis got up Sunday morning - when she walked out to the kitchen, there was McKenzie laying on the kitchen floor - she had passed during the night. Even now I feel worse for McKenzie then I do my sis. She is now faced with the same with McKalie - incontinent, almost blind and deaf, I have talked to my sis about letting McKalie go but it is like talking to a stone wall. I feel so sorry for McKalie - sis won;t let her upstairs (she has a bi-level) because of McKalie's incontence and doesn't want to be bothered with putting doggy diapers on McKailie.

So yes, dogs do know what they need to do to "help" their mom and/or dad help them at the end. I know my Angel Oreo helped me with the decision and even when we were at the vet's office - he was so tired and the way he layed in my lap even before his Journey began, Angel Oreo whowed me with his body language that I had indeed made the right decision.

It does amaze me tho that even at that time dogs know what to do - what they need to show us - that maybe makes what we know we have to do a little easier to bear.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

So sorry for the loss of your Humphrey. We know your mom didn't send him on his journey because it was convenient but because he needed the help. We hope she had a nice trip with her mom since she knew Humphrey wasn't suffering. Purrs and pawhugs.