Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RIP Beautiful Beau 1999-2012--updated

We wanted to update this post a little to include the beautiful graphic Alasandra made out of Beau's picture:

And to include a link to a video starring Beau. He is the first and the last doggie roaching in the grass to the Chicken Dance song. It always makes my mom smile: 

This is our Beautiful Beau.  He had to be put to sleep today. 
This year is already starting out bad for us.

 We don't understand what happened.

 He was going to have his teeth cleaned, some removed.

But, instead, we found out he had prostate 
cancer--even though he had been snipped long ago. 
It hit his kidneys in just days.

This is me & Beau snorting around the yard.

Beau must have found something good.

He was born in our house on Labor Day 1999. My mom had taken in a pregnant girl who had 5 boys. From that litter my mom kept two--Beau and Mighty Bitey plus the mama she named Baby.

Beau was only 12. We don't understand why this had to happen and it happened so fast. We are sort of stunned right now.

Beau was a quiet boy, always sweet and happy. We are really going to miss you, Beau-Beau.

Run free, sweet doggie boy.

22 sniff-Arooos:

Sam and Pippen said...

So sorry for your loss. We are thinking of you and your family.

Sam and Pippen

Ruby and Penny said...

River & family,
We are so very sorry. Run with the wind Beau.
Hugs to you all.
Love Ruby & Penny

ArtemisiaFSS said...

We are so very sorry about Beau. You has our deepest sympathy

Random Felines said...

We heard about this from Artemisia and wanted to let you know how sorry we are for your loss....no matter the circumstances, it is never easy.

Old Kitty said...

Me and my cat Charlie came over from AFSS's blog. We are truly sorry to hear about gentle sweet and adorable Beau. He looked like he loved life and was just wonderful. We are so sorry. Please accept our sincerest sympathies. Take care

Sam said...

I'm very sorry for your loss. How unexpected and sad. :(

Maggie and Mitch said...

Our hearts are just breaking for you. So many losses in such a short period of time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. RIP, Beau.

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Brian said...

My sisters and I are so very, very sorry to hear about your sweet Beau. Words are never enough so we send you many, many hugs and lots of purrs.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We are very sorry for your loss -

It is sadly too much like Daunte - our Siberian friend -

Tuesday he was diagnosed with lung and abdominal cancer - and allowed to cross Saturday evening -

Paws crossed for the year to only improve from here!

Khyra and Phyll

ArtemisiaFSS said...

We are so very glad you liked the graphic. We wishes we could do more to comfort you at this very sad time.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

River, life just isn't very fair sometimes. Hard to understand why you have had so much sadness. We are very sad to hear about Beau. Soft woos and gentle hugs to your family from us.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Lorenza said...

I am so sad to know about Beau.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Take care

Cory said...

We just came over from Scylla and Aretemisia's place where they told us about Beau. We are here to offer our warm and healing purrs to you, and our Grete woofie will wag her tail in honor of Beau.

We are so sorry for your loss of such a wonderful boy.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, no! We are so sorry for Beau's loss. What a horrible way to start another year. We send gentle pawhugs.

Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

We are so sorry to hear about your loss, Beau was a furry great dog and it must have been so hard to lose him.
Our thoughts & prayers are with you,

Brandon's Raiser


So sorry to hear about Beau, it's hard when you lose someone close to you. Hang in there!

Lots of Licks,
Bug & Bandit

ps. love the new bloggy look.

Kari in Vegas said...

Rest is peace sweet pup

Stop on by for a visit

Team Beaglebratz said...

Mom Kim here - I am so sorry you lost Beau - especially so sudden and unexpected - that way is always the hardest to deal with. I understand how when bad things keep happening - it seems like so much bad and it all keeps snowballing until you think you cannot take any more. I am so glad you have the blog so hopefully you can keep talking to us about how things are going. Remember, as you have shown me, Blogville is such a supportive, understanding and caring place to be - I really wonder what I would do without it.

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

We're shocked to hear about Beau's passing. Our hearts go out for all of you.
Rest in peace, sweet Beau.
Your smile will never be forgotten.

Sagira said...

I am very sorry to hear about your loss. You will be in our thoughts.

achieve1dream said...

Oh no!! I'm so sorry for you loss. Go play at the Rainbow Bridge sweet Beau. I hope this isn't a sign of the year to come. Just a roadblock along the way. Hugs!

kingslandkennels said...

So sorry for you loss...