Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good news and bad news

The good news is that I'm okay. I have a bladder infection and we are treating that. The cancer has not returned although it can at any time.

The bad news is that we lost Bailey yesterday. He was about 18 and not doing so well so my mom decided to let him go. He came to us long before I did. His owner surrendered him because he was digging holes in the yard--not because she wanted to but because her landlord made her. He dug a lot of holes in our yard, too, his first couple years but stopped and just became a couch potato. My mom says he was always a silvery gray beagle. We will miss him.

Me  & Bailey when I first came to my mom's house. I still had a cast on my leg.
Some of Bailey's critter craters.

Angel Bailey -- 1993-2011

Today my mom went wild with her phone camera and made some weird pictures of me:

This is the AQUA setting:





And NORMAL... me resting at my mom's side.