Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friends who need help and Awards!

My mom transports doggies from shelters to their new homes and rescues. This lady, Kelly Gibson, is the miracle worker who arranges all the very long (sometimes 3 days long) transports. She is walking to raise money for the San Diego Humane Society. Please visit her walking donation page and give just a little bit.

We had a note to send support and love and donation help immediately to
Autumn from my friend Mango the Maltese kiddo. Autumn's little brother needs a brain scan to see what is happening inside. This is a very sad thing. He is going downhill so fast. I hope they will be able to help him.

Clint the Labradoodle is ready for his other hip! He has an appointment at UT at Knoxville vet school next week. We have no money for this but we are going on faith that people will help when they hear about him. Please visit his site for the donation information: Hips 4 Clint. He is such a good boy and deserves a chance for a new life and a loving family.

This is an award from our pink pitbull friend Daisy! Daisy is such a photogenic girl! Thank you Daisy!

Jackal and Storm gave me an award! I have to tell 10 honest things about myself. Hmm. That's scary!

1. I love my mom more than anybody and anything, even food!

2. I don't like Davoo but I'm trying to be nice to him.

3. I don't like puppies at all but I try to be nice to them.

4. I like to run and run and run.

5. I like to drag my mom's nightrobe around the house with me.

6. I sit in the living room window and wait for my mom to come home from work everyday.

7. I like to play with all the grown foster doggies that we take care of.

8. I only let my mom work on the computer for 10 min. at a time. I think she then deserves a break.

9. If I am 5 feet from my mom I get upset.

10. I love sitting on the Dead Treadmill and watching my mom as she writes.

I'm supposed to give this to my friends so I am! If you haven't had this award yet then please take it.

Here is the box I received from Mango the Relentlessly Huge for my First Runner up in the Alternate Westminster competition. Not that Mango was late in sending--my mom is late is posting about it. Here is the box. I'm tired of waiting for my mom to open it. Come on, Mom! Do it now!

Oops, my mom's camera won't let her upload. We will need to try another cable of some kind. So, more pictures, next time, I hope!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Storm Pictures

This is our drive way. You can see the electric pole leaning and the big tree that hit it. It snapped the wires apart. The electric fixers said they just had to heat the wires and splice them. So we're back up and on the net this afternoon!

This is looking back toward the house.

Here comes the electric cavalry.

We're watching and barking at them to let them know we're here and we want our blog back!!

They had a neat little chainsaw that sounded like a big bee. It did all the work.

Buuuuutttt...look at this mess!! My mom tried to get home and she couldn't. She had to park and walk (not her favorite thing to do). She is going to call the electric company tomorrow to complain! They could at least move the branches they cut down.


We had a terrible time yesterday here in north Ga. Bad storms, wind,  giant hail and trees falling all around the house. We have no electricity, haven't had for over a day so we're writing this from a friend's house. My mom took pictures--we'll show you what happened when we get a chance to upload. My mom forgot the camera connection. 

Hope everyone has a nice Easter. It will be good weather here so even without electricity we can enjoy the day!

Thank you to Jackal & Storm for an award. I will talk about it next time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Puppy Play and River Run

We had a nice weekend, sunny and warm. Rosie played a lot with Oprah and Gayle. BTW, although my mom is a champeen couch potato she didn't name the doggies. They came with those names. The puppies will be leaving for Kim's Foster Dogs up north. Rosie will stay with us for a while. She is on a regimen of antibiotics. It's the new way to treat heartworms--a whole month of doxicillin--this treats any inflammation or anything else that is wrong. It makes the rest of the treatment much easier on the doggie.

Here are the 3 fosters in the sun:

Here are some major yard zoomies!