Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas post

Here is some of my mom's trip to Virginia. There was lots of snow in the mountains.
These are pictures from the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk.

Here is Dot happy to see Mom is home. Dot is going to California through this cool group called Pilots 'n Paws. All our other foster dogs are gone! Bella, Maizie, Billy, and the puppies Annie, Dolly and Felix. She says she didn't knock down the curtains.

Meanwhile, on the way back from Va my mom's vet called and asked if she could find a home for this beagle named Shadow. Isn't she cute? She comes from a family who lost their home. She's about five years old and is a big couch potato. I like her a lot better than the puppies. Besides, she looks just like Georgia!

Here I am in beagle tracker mode. I'm looking for my mom. I know she's around here somewhere.

Hey, she's right here taking a picture of me!

Happy New Year to everyone! We sure hope this will be a better year than the last one for all of us.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Season's Greetings

We will be on vacation this week. I hope everyone has a
safe and wonderful holiday.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

King of the Zoomies!

Our Sunday was dark & chilly. This is a view from the west side of our house.

Here are foster dogs lined up and, of course! looking away from the flashy beast. The line starts with me, then Felix (my mom says she ran out of dog names so she's started with cat names now, so not funny!), then Maizie, Bella and Dot.

We had some pretty good yard zoomies in the leaves.

Here are Maizie and Bella playing on a stump, almost as good as the treadmills.

Here I am in action!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Miracle Beagle--True Story

View more news videos at:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow in Ga and a parade

It's cold here in Georgia today and it snowed! Well, not a whole lot, just enough to cover the treadmills....
and the car in the front....

My mom asked if I wanted to go to a local parade. Her friend was one of the judges and we'd be sitting up on the courthouse steps. I thought, on one paw, I'm with my mom, but on the other three paws it was supposed to be 25 degrees! I decided on staying warm this time!

She did see some neat animals like a llama and a mini donkey.

And here is a video of the parade itself. Half the parade was fire engines--a matter of great civic pride in these parts.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santa did a drive-by presenting!!

Look what Santa brought while my mom was at work!
A lot of cool neato stuff. Food, treats, blankies, balls, leashes and a tote bag!
Everybody jumped in and we had a party!!

Until Mom came home with this sweater. She put the box up and started torturing me for the Christmas photo card. I'm so not a sweater boy!

I'm outta here!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Biscuit | A Dog Named Christmas

My mom entered this picture in the movie contest for the cutest dog of the season. We got the idea from Sierra Rose who is also extremely cute. (my mom has voted twice for her bol). Please vote for us, too!

Christmas is coming, Momma! I think I see reindeer.

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Mom note: Biscuit was a baby foster dog. We had the mama dog so we knew she was part beagle but those blue eyes! No idea what the mix was.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

This is Scarlet. We saw her picture on Lorenza's site. Scarlet lives in the Phillippines. She needs a wheeled cart to make her life so much better. A lab organization has promised $500. Scarlet's mom just needs to raise the other $600 or so. Please help with a little bit! Click on her picture to go to her site. We gave some of our Christmas toy money to help out!

This is a fun and easy contest with Miss Kylie. All you have to do is comment during the Christmas season and you are entered into a contest!

It's a beautiful day today so beagles appear in the yard like magic or mushrooms! Can you see the blue sky?My mom has been frying onions and celery and potatoes to add to her sourdough bread for her stuffing. She said we can have some, too. It sure makes the house smell good! She says it's the sage because she dumps in about a pound of it. Sage is grass, right? Okay, then.

Happy Thanksgiving! It is a good day to think about the blessings we have in our friends and families.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend in Ga

Saturday morning. Some bad beagle dragged a trashbag outside so we could examine it. We examined it real good, don't you think?

My mom helped transport 2 brittany babies yesterday. This is Dexter and Jake, brothers, only 13 weeks old, going from rescue in Michigan to their furever home in Florida. At this age on a transport the babies are not allowed to touch the ground (because of possible diseases like parvo) so they were in their crate all day. By the time my mom got them they had pooped all over themselves. The driver before her tried to clean them but we don't have any bathtubs on the road. She said they were kinda stinky!

Here they are overnight in Atlanta. They look so sweet there. I'm sure I would have liked them.They both had baths finally. As of now, they are with their new family for the holidays.

Today it is chilly and rainy in Georgia so we're chillin' inside all day. My mom even took 2 naps! We love naps. (that's Billy a foster beagle with the laser eyes behind me).
She even fired up a firelog for us. She will be home with us all week. This is going to be a terrific holiday!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Silent Sunny Saturday


Worldwide moment for Ms. Snickers

We will be joining the DWB community in a moment of silence in support of Ms. Snickers. For us here in Georgia it will be 6pm.

My mom personally knows 2 beautiful saluki mixes that returned with a soldier--but only after a great deal of work on his part to get them home to the U.S. AND, he was only allowed to bring 2 when he had 3. Imagine how horrible that was--to leave one behind and having to choose...!! Please help more soldiers bring home the doggie companions they grew to love and appreciate during their deployments. Click on this link:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good news Sunday

Good news! The chihuahua family is gone. They are on their way to a new life.
No more of this nerve-wracking watching out for puppies so I can relax life!

Dot had her second treatment for heartworms and did great. We will soon have a transport for her to go to the rescue on the west coast in San Diego.

Here is a cool picture of Mousse in the leaves--he's almost invisible except for the laser eyes!

Another cool picture of me, then Mousse then Petey against the tree with the crazy white puppy about to pounce on somebody.

Do I still look nervous?

I can watch out of the corner of my eye real good.

Dot and I are relaxing inside. I'm keeping an eye on Mousse though. He likes to jump from the chair to the couch real sudden like.