Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rain Goes away at last!

From the last blog to this one we have been rained on. Our whole valley is now a disaster area! We live on a little hill so we missed the raging creeks. And we got a new roof not long ago so we stayed dry--bol mostly because we refused to go out in the rain!! We're not ducks or labradogs. We hate getting our feet wet.

It was still raining yesterday when my mom transported this old brittany guy. He went from Georgia to Ontario. He wouldn't look at the camera. He must have had that training from the Army of Four.

It's sunny today and cool at last. I'm snorting around the yard, looking into all the holes that Sweetie was digging. Sweetie is the mama chihuahua. We both like to lie in my mom's lap. She is a nice dog, very quiet but seems to like to dig. I didn't find anything worth eating in all those holes.

Sniff, sniff, snort, snort. That's Sweetie next to me.

It's so nice to be out in the yard again.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Puppy Overload

Hi! We are drowning in puppies. People need to stop throwing them away! Just stop it! I don't like to play with them but they deserve to live and have a good and loving home.

It was a beautiful day at our house today and we were all out in the yard socializing the puppies. We got 3 more that were dumped on a local golf course. Luckily one of the neighbors to the course took them in and called the rescue. All our puppies are fixed and will be leaving soon. They are the very lucky ones.

Chocolate Mousse (he is a chocolate beagle) is very good with them. He likes to put his paw on them.

Here is one of the golf course babies. Her eyes are kinda spooky, like african bushbabies--all 3 puppies have those eyes. Nobody can figure out what kind of mix they are but they won't be very big dogs. They are also very shy.

Ah, a peaceful day in the sun.

Yeah, right. Look what's really going on behind my back! Sigh. My mom will miss them when they go but I'm ready for a puppy break!