Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Howloween!!

No pictures today because my mom forgot to upload them last night but we didn't want anyone to keep worrying about us.

My nose is all better. It never hurt. Maybe I was trying out the sharpei look like Laney suggested.

My mom did get a costume for me but ran out of time and energy and never got around to putting it on me. Good thing. If you saw that thing on me you would laugh your guts out. I missed out on that indignity. This year.

Graham is pooping like a trooper now--no more poop soup. He eats like a ravenous tasmanian devil. He was getting bitey again and managed to rip a strip of skin off my mom's arm. That's when she decided that teaching that little pooper NO was a good plan. He learned very fast. (she just smacked her arm next to his snout and said NO! that worked really well)

Tomorrow mom leaves for a conference up north for a day so we'll be back to blogging on Sunday.

Enjoy the hallow e'en!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I have a booboo bump

My mom doesn't know what happened.
She came home from work and there it was.
A bump...
bump on my nose!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy Week and Presents!

Yes, it's been a busy week for us. Also, Graham is a little sick. We are treating him for giardia and coccidia. Thank goodness he still eats like a pig. All the puppies had their 2nd shots this week. Graham was supposed to go back to his other foster mom but she is fostering mini-doxies from a puppy mill raid.

Now on to the presents!! All for Miss Daisy. She is camera shy so she refused to look up. Joan and Skippy of Linden Line Designs saw that Daisy had won and gave us a free collar for winning the competition. And a nice card.
Wrapped in nice pawprint tissue.
Daisy chose the Princess collar. All little girls like purple.

And, here's the big prize from the Very Tiny Competition, from our buddy, Stanislaw. Daisy refused to look at the box so I examined it for her.
So much stuff inside!
Itty Bitty Biscuits! Two beautiful stuffies that I immediately wanted for myself but mom said they were not for me. And a nylabone. I love those!Mom let me have one of the itty bitty biscuits.

Daisy got 4. She ate them so fast the camera couldn't catch it. And a picture of Stanislaw in his itty bitty form.

Thanks everyone, this was a wonderful day!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Graham Sunday

Here are the puppies in the sun. They play with Mom's socks several times a day. She never knew her dirty socks would be so popular!

I'm ignoring the little crumb.

It's bright and sunny, in the 60s and we still have green trees. Looks just like summer.
More Graham. He hasn't figured out how to get off the deck yet but he's starting to get interested.
The picture quality is terrible but my Mom loved the flying ears.
That's my butt on the left.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Itty Bitty Daisy Dog won!!

Our Miss Daisy won the Very Tiny Competition run by Stanislaw and Big Pupi. The quest was to get as small as possible. Here is her picture:

We are so proud of our little old girl. Miss Daisy--going on 19 now and still as wild and crazy as when my mom first got her. Daze, Daze-O.

Hey, ya'll, that's my sister!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sad news

This has my mom crying like crazy. Our friend, Booker, will be put to sleep tomorrow. You can read about his problem with food that makes him a danger to humans. His h-mom has tried so hard with him but he cannot be trusted. We are crying for them and for him. This is an agonizing decision--the type my mom has had to make a few times, too.

Another friend, Dozer, had to have major surgery this week for a torn knee and will be recovering for quite a while. Please send them prayers & hugs.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sock Wars

Here are Tabitha and Graham with a sock. Rosa tries to join in sometimes. Graham is not so bad anymore--he doesn't bite at all! He even keeps his crate clean which is amazing for such a little boy.

Belle is better today. She's no longer falling over. We believe now it was vestibular ear problems. There is no treatment, just rest. Natalie is no longer coughing. Thank you for your good wishes and healing vibes!

I'm helping my mom feel better tonight. She had a very stressful day at work.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cool Saturday

Guess who's back?? Precious Graham. He seems quite healthy. We're just keeping him until the other foster mom comes back from vacation. She's so crazy about Graham that my mom is fine with giving him back. Imagine one cute puppy and too many foster moms! All puppies should be so lucky! This video also shows Tabitha racing around Graham as he's drinking.

Belle is doing okay. She hasn't had another seizure. The vet talked about phenylsomething but they decided she is not quite that bad. The vet said if the seizures go on for 5 minutes and Belle's was shorter. She is still having trouble walking so we're giving her some medicine for that and keeping her quiet and warm. Her blood chemistry was just as wonderful as Daisy's. Amazing!!

Our sweet Natalie is recovering well. She brought back a slight cough so we're treating her for kennel cough.

My friend, Mango the relentlessly Huge, tagged me for a 7x7 tag. Here goes:

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
  • Tip over the 52 gallon food can
  • go on vacation with my mom
  • eat a whole meatloaf
  • go running on the beach with Georgia
  • eat a whole pack of hotdogs
  • climb up on the roof and leap off
  • play all day in the woods with Scooby

    7 Things I Do Now

  • leap off the deck every chance I get
  • eat one grilled hot dog
  • carry dirty socks into the kitchen
  • drag my mom's robe into the living room
  • try to tip over the 52 gallon food can
  • walk around the yard with Georgia
  • tear up magazines

    7 Things I Can't Do
  • go to work with my mom
  • climb on the roof
  • drive the Honda to the store for treats
  • ignore a fly in the room
  • use a computer mouse
  • catch a mouse running across the deck
  • stand up to Bitey

    7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex

  • nice legs
  • nice Eau du Butt
  • long ears
  • brown nose
  • big brown eyes
  • red and white fur
  • a nice low aroooo

    7 Celebrities That I Admire
  • Snoopy
  • Bardo
  • Shasta (Snow Buddies)
  • Pongo and Perdy
  • Lucky
  • Lou & Butch (from Cats & dogs)
  • Uno

    7 Things That I Say Most Often
  • I need a hug now
  • I need some smoochies now
  • I want a bone now
  • I want that magazine to chew now
  • I want to get up now
  • I want in your lap now
  • I want more food now

    7 who get to do this now:

    Wow, that's a lot of work but I think you can see what's important to me. I want a nap now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sorry, everyone! My mom has been sick but has continued to work so she's very, very tired every night. Yesterday she took Natalie to the vet to be spayed. Here is Natalie sleeping in a nice scooped out cushion. Scooby and I did that!

Here I am sleeping on the cushion above Natalie keeping an eye on her. She's doing much better today.

I'm sorry to say that Belle is not feeling well this week. She had 2 seizures that seem to have affected her walking so my mom is taking her to the vet tomorrow. She is still eating which is a good sign. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Help! Help! We need everyone's help!

Petfinder and The Animal Rescue Site are offering grants to the rescue with the most votes. So far, For the Love of Dogs is number one in Tennessee to win a $25,000 grant. This is one of the organizations my mom fosters for and it's the one paying for Clint's hip surgery. We need $8000 for his hips. Please visit this site and vote for us! It's the easiest possible way to help contribute to our cause and Clint would really appreciate it!

Here is how to do it--go to the site: $100,000 Shelter Challenge
Fill in the name For the love of Dogs and the state is Tennessee (choose TN). Then they ask you to type in the name of the animal in a picture. And that's it! You have contributed to improving the life of a beautiful dog. And, you can vote EVERYDAY until December 14. Please, please help us. We have already had to put off his surgery until December because we have not raised enough money yet. Thank you! Clint thanks you!

The Visitors
My mom got sick with a cold yesterday--she says probably because of the plane rides--and came home early from work. Natalie is worried. She believes in the cuddle treatment, nevermind the camera.
My mom went to pick up Laci, Graham's mama, at another foster home and she made the mistake of saying she had 4 empty crates. HA!!

So they brought out TABITHA, who is a teeny tiny cute little girl who looks sort of like our snuggle puggle buddy Eduardo.
AND, Rosa. Rosa is a baby girl, a beautiful redbone hound color with the snout of a German Shepherd and the body of a bassett. Tabitha and Rosa are visiting us until they can go north to Kim's Foster dogs, probably 3 weeks at most. Tabitha was 1 day away from euthanasia. Hard to believe such a beautiful little hound would just be destroyed. She will make a family very, very happy.

Meanwhile, precious Graham is still at another foster mom's home. She LUUUUVS him. But we will get him back when she goes on vacation on October 10. Too soon, I say. Hm, I wonder how big he is now and if he still bites everything??

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hi! We missed everyone!

My mom is back! She had a good time in Milwaukee with her family. Here is a picture of Cesar. He is 7 months old and 90 lbs. It would take 4 beagles to come up to his weight! He will probably top out at 120 lbs. Wow. He is a sweet and gentle beast. This is where he lives now--in the florida room. He has a whole futon to himself.

This is where he WILL live. Haha. If you think my mom is bad about spoiling us--this is a 30x40' air-conditoned heated DOG HOUSE! OMD, we would love it as long as my mom moved in with us. When it is ready, Cesar will live there and have a big yard to run around in. Then they are getting a BLACK German Shepard girl. My mom asked if they were planning on CHECKERED puppies. But the girl will be spayed, so no puppies.

This is the Milwaukee art museum, right next to the aquarium, right on the lake but my mom forgets which lake.

This is a paddlefish at the Reiman Aquarium. Can you see the honker on that thing?

Jellyfish--I wonder what flavor?

Sea horsies! They are cute and look yummy.

This is a cool tunnel. My mom's brother is on the left. My mom says it looked like fish were flying overhead.

Fish you can pet! Just like doggies.

My mom brought me a shark from the aquarium.

I had to change chairs to protect it.

I love this shark. I am so glad my mom is home at last!! Now we need to visit everyone's blog and catch up.